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 Day Care 
Six Pack $120 
Pay as you go $25 per day
*Murphy’s Place only takes daycare dogs that have booked in advanced and the minimum is two visits per week. 
*Our goal is to have a group of dogs who know each other and is ongoing. 
*In order to keep the group at a manageable level, we do not take dogs who have not set up regular visits.
*We have some dogs who are here Monday through Friday, and most others are here two days a week such as Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. At the time of booking we will advise what days would be best for your dog.
*We are open for drop off as early as 6:30am and pick up until 7:00pm.
*All payments must be made at the time of drop off on the fist day and all 6 days must be used within the month it is purchased 
 Overnight Stays 
$35 all inclusive
*Murphy's Place takes care of your baby as if it was one of ours. All you need to bring is the food and any special items that you feel would make your baby feel at home.
*We never put your dog in a kennel (unless you would like to bring one for yours).
*All dogs have regular time out in our yard to play and do doggy stuff.  We do not leave them in the yard without supervision and in the summer months they are limited to shorter times.
*As soon as the dog wants to go back in they do.  We also do not let large groups of dogs in the yard at the same time.  We only put out like minded small groups.
*Price is based on 24hours, if you drop them off at 7am you pick them up at 7am.
Murphy’s Place for Dogs is a “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” small dog daycare & boarding resort.
We do not take same day walk-in clients, what this means is in order for us to consider your dog for our doggie daycare or dog boarding, you must first, be interviewed over the phone, then by a visit with your dog. This process ensures we are a great fit for you & our current clients.
We do not kennel dogs, they are free to be in a home setting with other like minded dogs. We provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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